Weekly News Roundup – 5 April 2013

Apr 05


The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at CSS and HTML tutorials, Wireframing tools, great fonts and much more.

20 Best Wireframing Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Wireframes are extremely important in web design. Whether you’re designing a brand new website, or tweaking certain elements of a live-site, wireframing provides an extremely cost effective way to design something out, really really fast. Wireframing makes it super easy to represent where various elements will go. We have a list of 20 Best Wireframing Tools for Web Designers and Developers. The tools in this list will allow creating wireframes of minimal or high fidelity, whatever you want.


35 inspirational examples of CSS

It’s amazing what can be done with CSS these days. Support for the latest CSS3 properties is strong in the latest versions of all the major browsers – even Internet Explorer – and the possibilities fortypographyanimation and interactivity have never been greater. But finding web design inspiration can be tricky.


30 Quick Ideas to Make your Website Look Nicer

As we launch newer projects, it is easy to forget about updating older blogs and websites. In this article I want to present 30 solid ideas you can quickly implement to make your website just that much more user-friendly. Not all of them are based solely on front-end design. I will also discuss popular HTML5 coding techniques which can help web parsers and spiders to categorize your data appropriately.


29 New Black & White Website Designs for 2013

It is difficult to locate websites which are designed following a strict black-and-white theme. Remember that colorful tones and imagery will catch the eye when it contrasts off a colorless canvas. It offers a unique sensation in websites and very few designers venture into this area.


35+ Engaging Photography Website Templates

These photography website templateshave all been created or updated recently so they are some of the freshest designs available. Please tell us what you think of my list by adding your comments below. If this post was helpful, kindly share it with your friends.


10 Essential Design Tools for Social Media Pros

Whether you’re a professional designer or an armchair artiste, tools abound that you can use to snazz up your web presence, and give it that polish that professionals, potential customers, and online friends have come to expect from a social media maven. We’ve talked to the experts about what they use for inspiration, collaboration, and getting down to the business of design in a social media world. Here are some of the suggestions they offered up.


12 jQuery Tutorials

Over the years I have been teaching myself coding and jQuery is on my top 5 list of coding I need to learn. One way of learning jQuery is by taking the time to try tutorials and see how much you understand and can do without a class in jQuery. Here you have 12 jQuery Tutorials to get you started.


45+ Cool PSD Toggle Switches

It is a strong trend in web and mobile UI design to use styled form elements instead of the basic look and feel offered be the browsers. Doing so allow web designers to make form elements fit much better into the overall design of the website or web app.


25 Delightful Free Fonts For your Design

Lists and roundups really come in handy as they provide best fonts in a concise yet awesome way. Today we showcase 25 Delightful Free Fonts For Your Designs in our concise yet awesome list. It offers the best fonts for your design in and easy and quick way. So check this list out. Enjoy!


Essential tools for every web designer

Every web designer requires the right tools to do their job. To create well crafted original designs you certainly need to be inspired to do so. Getting to that point is sometimes the hardest challenge in the field of web design. Luckily enough for us and our fellow design community there are tools available to assist in completing the job quicker and more efficiently.


30 Fresh And Free Stone Textures

Here , we have showcased 30 free stone textures that can help you create designs with stone elements, most of them are from deviantart , and all this stone textures are high quality.



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Weekly News Roundup – 4 January 2013

Jan 04

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at 30 Stunning User Interface examples, how you can provide unique value to your clients, 9 pitfalls of of web hosting and how to avoid them, furthermore we take a look at how you can make your website more tablet friendly as well as great ways to use the website footer.

30 Stunning User Interface Examples

User interface is extremely important for any type of application because without an intuitive design, the user will probably try to find an alternative to that app. The success of web applications and websites depends in how effective the user interface design is. Designing a good user interface however is a very challenging task. According to Apple, a great application has the focus on content. Simply, it must be realistic and must take full advantage of device capabilities to enable enhanced interaction. A user interface that is unattractive, convoluted, or illogical can make even a great application seem like a chore to use, so when you design the UI, you must have in mind how your users think, act and work. In this article you can see 30 gorgeous examples of user interface design for various types of applications.


6 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Tablet Friendly

There are nearly 70 million tablet users in the U.S. alone, a figure that has doubled from the year before. This means that nearly 30% of the country’s Internet users are browsing on a tablet device. Tablet traffic to e-commerce sites grew by 348% from 2011 to 2012, overtaking smartphone traffic for the first time. With the tablet market as young as it is, its footprint is only going to expand. This trend sends a strong message: If you haven’t already, now is the time to prioritize your website’s design considerations for tablet functionality. Ignoring this could negatively impact your website’s overall conversion rate, return visits, sales and more.


21 Inspiring Examples of Illustrated Elements in Web Design

For our last web design inspiration list of 2012 we decided to gather examples of beautiful illustrated elements in web design. We believe that illustrated elements can give a nice touch and personality to a design. From subtle illustrated details to complete colorful sketched pages, the key is finding the right amount to use for each project. So today we have several different approaches on how to incorporate illustrated elements in a website. Enjoy!




The device-agnostic approach to responsive design

Techniques, technology and terminology change constantly in web design, and keeping up with them is crucial to your success in online design and development. Device-agnostic and responsive design are two of the current hot terms being bandied around in technology circles, and often in the same sentence. With the increasing use of a wide variety of internet-enabled mobile devices, web designers and developers are encouraged to keep work responsive; adapting content and design elements to the limitations of whichever device is being used. However, labelling responsive design as a technique using the device agnostic approach is a tricky business. What exactly is the device-agnostic approach, and is it even necessary to identify it as an approach to responsive design?




3 Ways Designers Can Provide Unique Value To Clients

If you’ve ever purchased organic food from a grocery store or farmer’s market, you know that it can be, well, pricey. Some people report as much as a 300% increase in their grocery bill when they buy organic versions of their regular groceries. And is it worth it? Staunch fans of organic living claim that it is.

38 Modern List Styles in Website Designs

I want to use this showcase as a peek into modern list styles and design trends. Web designers can be found all around the world who have been studying the creating the newest market trends. These designers are the molders and shapers of our future design community. It is exciting to see how these ideas take shape and form into larger archetypes over time.




9 Web Hosting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

If you’re ready to move off Blogge and onto a web hosting service, you’ve probably got a lot of other things on your plate as well. The world of web hosting can be complex and confusing, but we’re looking out for you.  We know you want a simple solution tailored to your needs, and with great support services. We all do. But great web hosting is really different for every client. We’ve done the research and found nine scenarios that are either red flags, or should be avoided altogether.


A 6748


16 great examples of website footer design

When starting any website project, it’s natural to want to concentrate your design efforts on the homepage and the header. As a result, the footer often becomes an afterthought – relegated to a poorly designed dumping ground for copyright information, legal disclaimers and spammy SEO links. But it shouldn’t be this way.




Workless: A Clean & Classy HTML5, CSS3 Framework

Workless is a clean & classy HTML5, CSS3 framework that helps you to get your project up and running as fast as possible and helps prevent repetitive tasks. It standardizes CSS, improves usability and interaction, sets base typography to help vertical rhythm and readability and adds helper classes to style elements easily. You can either start with the base setup, or drop the files and assets into your current project and simply reference the CSS and Javascript files in your source. Once you’ve done this you can then begin adding your own application specific CSS.



Creating WordPress Themes That Sell – 5 Guidelines You Should Know

Considering the fact that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System out there and serves many users, it’s no wonder that developers feel encouraged and motivated to create themes for WordPress. After all, the gigantic size of the WordPress’ user base simply means that themes created for WordPress are likely to be used by many people, thereby giving developers good returns for their hard work.







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DealPixel offers 500 Clean Icons for $15

Jan 02

Every web designer knows that icons are an integral part of web design, and that having high quality icons can be the difference between a good site and a mediocre site. That’s why we know you will love the latest deal from DealPixel, 500 Clean Icons, a deal with 500 professional clean icons. The set is available for only $15. That is a 68% discount!

The deal was designed by PixGlyphs, and will remain on sale for the next 30 days so hurry up and get it while you can, The set comes with 500 professional icons in 7 different sizes, from 512×512 pixels down to 16×16 pixels. The icons are delivered in a variety of formats, including EPS, AI, CDR, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PSD, and CSHformats.

This is what is included in the set:


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Make your own MacBook Air Icon with Photoshop

Jan 06

In this tutorial we will be showing you step-by-step how to create a photo realistic illustration of Apples latest crowning achievement, the beautiful and inconceivably thin new MacBook Air.

The finished result

Step 1

We start off, with a new document; its size set to 1000 x 750 pixels, an increased resolution of 120 pixels and a white background which we’ll delete later for a transparent background.  First off, switch the foreground colour to #eff0f2. Now, select the Rounded Rectangle tool (U) and on the tool’s Options bar, set the rectangle’s radius to 20 px and click on the little square icon “Fill Pixel” to automatically fill the shape to be drawn. Draw a rectangular shape and name the layer ‘Panel.’

Step 2

Double-click on this layer to add Layer Styles to the shape. Select the Gradient Layer style and adjust the Gradient’s Color Stops and other parameters as shown below:

Follow up with an Inner Glow Layer style and make the necessary adjustments as shown below:

The Layer styles result for a reflected effect.

Step 3

Create a new layer under the previous layer and draw another rounded rectangle just slightly larger than the first. Also have the shape’s radius set to 22 px.

Step 4

With the Burn Tool (O) selected and its Exposure set at about 50%, darken selected edges of just the second rectangle.

The burn result:

Step 5

Being on the ‘Panel’ layer, select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), and make a selection across the rectangle and hit the Delete key to clear the selection.

Press Ctrl+D to ‘deselect.’

Step 6

Back to the second rectangle, add an Outer Glow Layer style.

The result has the edges of the panel defined.

Step 7

The panel appears too smooth here, we must add a subtle touch of grain to it by applying a Noise Filter effect (Filter > Noise > Add Noise).

Step 8

In a new layer, draw a rectangle for the screen and fill with the colour #828384. I also enabled the Guides (Ctrl+’) to aid my positioning of the screen.

Add a Stroke Layer style to it. Afterwards, add a Guassian blur with a raduis of 1.5 pixels to the rectangle. It softens the Stroke effect a bit which previously was too sharp. This will form the backdrop upon which the main screen will be placed later.

Step 9

For the flat base of the Macbook, select the Pen Tool (P) and click with the tool to create these Anchor points as shown below.  You may also use the direction keys on your keyboard to conveniently adjust the positioning of selected points.

Step 10

For a little gloss for the base of the laptop, add an Inner Glow, Inner Shadow and Gradient Overlay Layer styles with the settings below:

The result:

Step 11

Draw a 2 px rounded rectangle right on top of the base to form something of the rim on the base. Burn its edges sparingly on both its ends.

The new outlook of the base:

Step 12

Add a soft shading to the rim applying an Inner Shadow Layer style with a reduced opacity of 45%.

Step 13

Pick the Pen Tool yet again and map out an outline shown below. This is to form a shallow inward curvature on the base of the Macbook.

Step 14

Fill the outline by right-clicking within it and selecting ‘Color.’

Step 15

Apply both a Gradient Overlay and Inner Shadow styles to create a resulting appearance of an inward curve,

Step 16

For th hinges of the Macbook, use the Rectangle Tool to draw a flat rectangle and then fill with a white colour.

Step 17

Set up both Gradient Overlay and Inner Shadow Layer styles for the hinges with the parameters below:

Step 18

Saving time drawing a second hinge, just press Ctrl+J to duplicate the ‘Hinges’ layer and position the hinge copy to the right of the Macbook.

Step 19

With a rounded rectangle set at 2px, draw an opening or slot on the right of the Macbook and fill with a black or if your Tool’s shape has “Fill Pixels” set on its Options bar, just hit ‘D’ on the keyboard to set the foreground colour to black before drawing.

Step 20

Select the Type Tool (T) and bring up the Character Panel (Window > Character) to make other adjustments not available on the Type Tool’s Options bar. Set the Font to Verdana ts size to18 pt and color to #4b4b4b. Also use the scaling options to scale vertically and horizontally at 41% and 31% respectively. You’ll get something almost close to the real thing.

Step 21

For the web cam, use the Ellipse Tool to create a small circle holding Shift to constrain its portions and fill with black. Add a soft glow around it with an Outer Glow Layer style.

Step 22

Follow up in a new layer, with two other small round points. Of course, adding an Outer Glow Layer style as well.

Step 23

For a nice and shiny screen complete with abstract graphics, we will creating create something intricate. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a selection and then pick the Gradient Tool (G) and change the Color Stops of the Gradient. Make a diagonal sweep across the selection with the Gradient Tool.

Note: place or resize the screen within the grey rectangle in a way a thin margin is formed around the screen.

Step 24

For other elements within the screen, use Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) to create the shapes below. You can on the Tool’s Options bar, select “Add to selection” to create multiple selections. Fill the selection(s) with the colour #e2eef2 using the Paint Bucket Tool (press Shift+G if not already selected). Ctrl+D to deselect afterwards.

Step 25

On the Layer Palette, reduce the opacity of this layer to about 70%. Proceed to add a Layer Mask by clicking on the third icon from the left at the bottom of the palette. Fade the shapes with a black soft brush. You’ll also have to vary the brush’s opacity when fading certain areas of the shape.

Step 26

With the Elliptical Marquee Tool (Shift+M if not already selected), create a flat ellipse selection. Fill with #e2eef2 and on the Layers Palette, set the layer’s Blend mode to Soft Light and Opacity to about 38%. Create another Layer Mask and with a brush (Opacity; 25%) fade the base
of the ellipse.

Step 27

Create two other ellipses in a similar fashion as the previous steps. Again, use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to create another shape and then fill. Right-click and select Transform Selection and then select the Warp Transform Tool to make a curve on one side of the selection.

Step 28

Hit Enter when through and of course, set the layer’s Blend mode to Soft Light and reduce its Opacity to about 85% and add a Layer Mask to make the necessary adjustments.

Step 29

As always, create a triangular selection with the Polygonal Lasso Tool and fill with the usual colour.

Step 30

For a curve, Use the Warp Tool in Free Transform mode.

Step 31

Change the layer’s Blend mode to Soft Light and Opacity to about 58%.

Step 32

The Polygonal Lasso Tool for another shape - you should know the drill by now; fill, warp and deselect!

Step 33

The layer’s Blend mode here is set to Soft Light definitely and its, Opacity reduced to about 62% as you see fit. You might as well create group your shapes for organization and reducing excessive scrolling within the Layers Palette. Select the little folder icon at the bottom of the palette and drag your shape layers into it and collapse it.

Step 34

Select the ‘Screen’ layer and add the Layer styles, Inner Shadow and Outer Glow making the following adjustments below:

Step 35

As an option, you may download one of the numerous Mac OSX icon set for windows. These images were in JPEG format and were edited in a separate window and moved to the working document. Like I said, you may skip this step as its okay for the ‘Air’ to be clutter free.

Step 36

Create a new layer, ‘Shadow,’ below all other layers and with the Ellipse Tool, draw a very flat ellipse.

Step 37

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the Blur Radius to 3.5pixels.

Step 38

Draw a rounded rectangle and Press Ctrl+T to enter Free Transform mode and select the Distort Tool and splay the shape outwards. B. Add a Layer Mask and with its thumbnail selected, use a Gradient Tool (black to white) to draw  a vertical gradient.

There you have it, a slick and realistic Macbook Air to say the least.

A Macbook image without the dock. This might be the ideal icon; though it all boils down to your preference eventually.

Also delete the background layer for a transparent layer.

Here’s a rather bland but clean Macbook Air icon.


Photoshop PSD file
png files

Our Favorite Freebies from the Past Week

Aug 24

For today’s news we have collected our favorites design and development related freebies from the the past week and thought they were that good, that we simply had to share them with our readers.

“Buddycons” – Vector Social Media Icons

Buddycons – Vector Social Media Icons

The icon set is called “Buddycons” and includes 126 vector social media icons. Included in the set are PNG versions of all 126 icons in both circular and rounded variations as well as a vector source file for easy resizing. The icons are free to use for personal and commercial usage, however, redistribution is not allowed.
“Buddycons” – Vector Social Media Icons

Free PSD Templates: vCard Personal Portfolio Minisite

Free PSD Templates: vCard Personal Portfolio Minisite

This PSD design comes in 4 pages: Homepage (About), Works (Portfolio), Portfolio Pop-Up, and Contact.
All the pages are in Photoshop (.PSD) format with all layers neatly organized in layer groups for easy identification and editing of the logo, text and graphics.
Free PSD Templates: vCard Personal Portfolio Minisite

Modernist: Free WordPress Theme with Focus on Typography

Modernist: Free WordPress Theme with Focus on Typography

This theme supports widgets, is SEO optimized and has clean and documented code. It loads very quickly, and has various WordPress 3.0 features. Works in IE 6+ and all versions of Safari/Firefox/Opera. The theme is absolutely free to use in private and commerical projects.
Modernist: Free WordPress Theme with Focus on Typography

Typominima: Free typography based minimal WordPress theme

Typominima: Free typography based minimal WordPress theme

Typominima is a free typography based, gorgeous, minimal WordPress theme fit for the writer inside you.
Typominima: Free typography based minimal WordPress theme

Coda Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Coda Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Coda Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (PDF)

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboyand speckyboy@twitter).

Two High Quality and Massive Icon Sets

Aug 19

There are not many iconsets that can match the quality nor the quantity of icons that we feature in todays design news roundup. The first set, released this week by WPZOOM, has over 500 icons for every social network service you could possibly think of. And the second set, also released this week, has over 170 crafted icons perfect for web design brought to you by WooTheme.

500 Free Icons Social Networking Icon Set from WPZOOM

500 Free Icons Social Networking Icon Set from WPZOOM

This awesome icon set includes 100 icons of popular social networking websites. Every icon from WPZOOMs Social Networking Icon Set is available in 5 different sizes: 64×64, 48×48, 32×32, 24×24 and 16×16px (PNG & PSD format), which means you get 500 beautiful icons!

You are allowed to use these icons anywhere you want, however WPZOOM would appreciate linkback.
500 Free Icons Social Networking Icon Set from WPZOOM

WooCons – 170 Free Web Icons

WooCons - 170 Free Web Icons

This huge icon set, designed by Janik Baumgartner exclusively for WooThemes, consists of 170 icons, sized at 32×32px and are in PNG format.

This icon set has been released on the GNU General Public License.
WooCons – 170 Free Web Icons

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboyand speckyboy@twitter).

Free Professional Developer Icon Sets

Jul 29

Nothing gets a web designer more excited than a good high quality and (especially) FREE icon set. And that is exactly what we have for you in today’s design news round-up.

You will find five fresh sets that that are perfect for web and mobile app developers, and all are completely free.

200+ Exclusive Free Icons: “Reflection”

200+ Exclusive Free Icons: “Reflection”

You’ll find these icons great to use at small sizes, such as for website navigation, menus and more. Both vector and raster versions are included.

The set contains 208 icons and is available free of charge for personal and commercial projects, with attribution required.
200+ Exclusive Free Icons: “Reflection”

Free Mobile Berries

Free Mobile Berries

This set contains 80 icons, sized at 64×64px and are in .png format.
Free Mobile Berries

Content Management System Icon Set

Content Management System Icon Set

This CMS Icon Set is made up of 12 high quality icons sized at 48×48px, and available in .png-format. The set was designed to be used in content management systems, but can also be useful for other user interface designs. You can use the set for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions.
Content Management System Icon Set

Designer Icons – Professionally Hand-Crafted Free Icon Set

Designer Icons – Professionally Hand-Crafted Free Icon Set

12 Professionally Hand-Crafted icons for designers and creatives. Each Icon is 32×32px with a transparent background.
Designer Icons – Professionally Hand-Crafted Free Icon Set

Tron Legacy Social Icons

Tron Legacy Social Icons

This social media set has been inspired by the classic movie Tron. In total there are 20 icons, and the download package has the PNG, BMP, GIF, ICO and AI versions.
Tron Legacy Social Icons

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboyand speckyboy@twitter).

Five Free Icons Sets for Web Designers and Bloggers

Jul 20

Icons are one of the most sought after design elements within web design, and the great thing is there is no shortage of new and creative icon sets that are freely released for general consumption and satisfy our design appetite. In today’s news round-up we have collected five fresh icon-sets specifically designed for web designers, developers and bloggers.

gCons – All-Purpose Icons for Designers and Developers

gCons - All-Purpose Icons for Designers and Developers

gCons are a set of free all-purpose 32×32px icons for designers and web developers consisting of 100 icons. The icons come in 12 different colors and are available in PSD, PNG, JPG and GIF formats.
gCons – All-Purpose Icons for Designers and Developers



This set contains 44 beautifully crafted icons designed specifically for software and web developers.

ComFi Telecom Icons

ComFi Telecom Icons

ComFi Telecom Icons

Sketchy Social Media Icons

Sketchy Social Media Icons

Every icon in this set are in .PNG format (making them easy to edit) and include four sizes for each icon: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 57×57.
Sketchy Social Media Icons

Rubber Stamp Style Social Media Icons

Rubber Stamp Style Social Media Icons

The Rubber Stamp Style Social Media Icons set contains 12 creative icons in .png format and sized at 256×256px.
Rubber Stamp Style Social Media Icons

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboyand speckyboy@twitter).

Two Beautiful New Mini Pixel Icon Sets

Jun 17

In today’s news round-up we have two free large sets of beautifully crafted mini pixel icon-sets designed especially for web designers.
The first set (the spirit20 icon-set) has well over 500 icons for your every possible design requirement and the second set, Boolean, consists of 100 icons, all presented in a highly unique way. You’ll love them both!

spirit20 Mini Pixel Icons


The spirit20 icon set consists of almost 500 transparent PNGs at 20×20 pixels, and is completely free to use for both personal and commercial projects. No attribution is required.

Boolean: The Pixel Icon City

Boolean: The Pixel Icon City

Boolean: The Pixel Icon City set consists of 100 icons, all in PNG format and sized at 16×16px. These icons are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
Boolean: The Pixel Icon City

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboyand speckyboy@twitter).

Embedding Icons with CSS3

May 13

Is there no end to CSS3s possibilities? In the past, would you have even considered the idea of generating a font based on an icon set, and then embedding it via @fontface? Or, even better, would you have thought it possible to create icons using only CSS and HTML? I didn't think so…

Ever Thought About Using @Font-face for Icons?

With the advent of font embedding and the realization that fonts are essentially a series of simple vector glyphs. Conceptually, if you placed all required icons for a particular site into a custom font, you would then be able to use those icons anywhere on the site with the option to change the size and color, add backgrounds, shadows and rotation, and just about anything else CSS will allow for text.
Ever Thought About Using @Font-face for Icons?

Font-Embedding Icons: This Is a Big Deal

From P.J. Onori's (resource author) view, it seems like the Font-Embedding Icons are the way forward. So, he generated a font set based on his personal icon set Iconic, and writes further about how to implement the icons and why we should all be using this method for displaying icons.
Font-Embedding Icons: This Is a Big Deal

Pure CSS Icons

As an experiment Zander Martineau built a set of pure CSS Icons, using lots of CSS3, border-radius being the most obvious but also rotation, gradients and transform (for when an icon is hovered over) and all dimensions are em-based so that all you have to do to change the size of the icon is just change the font-size of their containing element.
Pure CSS Icons

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboy and speckyboy@twitter).